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The following screenplays are available for producer and agent inquiries. Please feel free to get in touch via the instructions on my 'Contact' page if interested.

TITLE: "Grace Canyon Ranch"

LOGLINE: At a desert boot camp for juvenile delinquents, a pair of brothers must overcome "The Colonel", the camp's sinister director, before they become bodies to be harvested.

GENRE: Horror


TITLE: "Hell Is An Open Door"

LOGLINE: If he wants to see his wife and daughter again, an undocumented immigrant must enter a secret research facility as a test subject where he encounters horrors beyond imagination.

GENRE: Horror


TITLE: "Spookwood Academy"

LOGLINE: An imaginative young girl forms an unlikely alliance with four undead Ghouls in order to save her family's farmhouse.

GENRE: Fantasy / Family

TITLE: "Soviet Skingraft From Chula Vista"

LOGLINE: When his daughter's rare heart disorder threatens to bankrupt his family, a desperate middle-aged father reunites with his old teenage punk band for a "Battle of the Bands" contest-for-charity.

GENRE: Comedy

TITLE: "Necrocomicon"

LOGLINE: After an evil sorcerer takes over a comic book convention with an army of toys-come-to-life, a washed-up action movie hero and his friends must fight ferociously to prevent his plan of world domination.

GENRE: Horror-comedy

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