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Hi there! Thank you for stopping by.

I am a screenwriter, filmmaker, video editor, and multimedia artist from New Jersey. I’ve written eight feature-length screenplays. One screenplay has been optioned and is currently in development. Another, "Hell Is An Open Door", was one of seven "special mention" finalists in the 2019 Screencraft Horror Contest. And most recently, "Grace Canyon Ranch" was a finalist in the 2021 Screencraft Fellowship competition.


I have a MA in Narrative Video Production from Emerson College. I make short films when I am able to. I write seven days a week, and am at a point where I am working to produce a new first draft every nine months. I've also taken my first fledgling steps into writing short stories (which I am not very good at yet, but I'm working on it!). I'm currently working on screenplay number nine.

I write primarily in the horror, thriller, science fiction, and dark fantasy genres, but ultimately consider myself genre-agnostic. One of my favorites was a Halloween-centered dark fantasy film for children. The common denominator among all of the scripts I've written has been "A protagonist at the end of his or her rope." Above all, I value strong, complicated, flawed, and vulnerable characters who have an "every-man" or "every-woman" quality, and who often originate from the margins of their world. I try to tell stories that ask the kind of hard questions that don't have easy answers.

I am passionate about films and filmmaking because they have been valuable tools in an over-arching personal search for truth. Making films (even lousy ones!) has been the closest thing to "magic" (in a very crude, primordial, and anthropological sense) that I've ever experienced. Film has helped me to better understand my own life and the lives of others, and to better comprehend existence, mortality, joy, loss, love, friendship, family, history, ideology, identity, self-hood, struggle, growth, and why humans do many of the things they do. Screenwriting in particular has been one of the few mediums in my creative life where I've felt like I can be completely honest. I am committed to growing as a storyteller and further developing a unique voice of my own. I hope to use this voice to be part of a larger dialogue that, even if only in some infinitesimally small way, contributes to creating a more intelligent and tolerant social landscape.

As this page grows in terms of both content and scope, I would like to develop it into a general clearinghouse for my written, visual, musical, and multimedia work.

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